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For years the content on this website consisted mainly of reviews of adult entertainment establishments mixed with occasional news and views all with an eye toward entertaining the readers. At some point it became regular practice of this website to post reviews of individual service providers as well.

When establishments employ dozens of women there can be huge variance between the type and style of service provided. Since trying to review a shop with multiple women on staff in a few hundred words can be something like trying to sum up a New York diner menu in a single sentence this only makes sense.

Reviews of individual staff members from Tokyo Style in Japan began appearing on this site back in 2015 and then continued appearing here with regularity afterward. There has been a bit of a break in this however since the last Tokyo Style review was published here almost a year ago. The dry spell ends today.

Saki at Tokyo Style

Stereotypes are rarely positive. Most of the time they are based on ideas abstracted from reality. At their worst they lead to all sorts of negatives. Some people have stereotypical views of whole groups of countries that they use as a basis for either a hatred or a sort of fetish.

This isn’t a sociology website per se but I have always been interested in the way human beings interact. The adult entertainment industry is one of the most interesting crossroads of people to be found anywhere.

Saki the escort at Tokyo StyleSaki the escort at Tokyo Style

In some ways Saki is what many would call a “really Japanese girl” but in others she is more internationally minded. For example Saki has a small tattoo on her body. Tattoos aren’t common in Japan where they are often identified with organized crime. On the other hand Saki has an extremely warm and outgoing character and her vocal inflection almost sounds like it comes right out of a Japanese anime.


Saki also accessorizes with things like well done fingernails and large contact lenses that a lot of fashionable Japanese women love to wear. Her tastes in food also match with millions of others in the land she calls home.

Saki is sexy

Ultimately most of this probably matters little to male customers who book appointments with Saki at Tokyo Style. What they want to know is what Saki looks like and what kind of service she provides.

Most of the women who work at Tokyo Style and most similar businesses for that matter hide their faces when advertising online. This is done for obvious reasons. Some hints can usually be found in the parts of the face that are shown though in Saki’s case the pictures online simply don’t do her justice.

Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder but I find it very difficult to believe that more than a handful of guys with really unique outlooks or terrible eyesight would find Saki to be unattractive. She has big bright eyes and well shaped features that all come together to form a really beautiful face.

Tokyo Style staff is sexy too

Unlike a lot of other shops in Tokyo and elsewhere that seem to hire anyone who applies Tokyo Style has a policy in place that excludes women who most would find unattractive or overweight. This isn’t exactly the most humanitarian policy in the world but because of it the vast majority of the women working at the shop would be described as beautiful by most guys.

Saki escort at Tokyo StyleSaki escort at Tokyo Style

Some of the women at Tokyo Style are found to be beautiful by so many guys that they are steadily booked by repeat customers. With about a year of work experience Saki still does have some availability on her schedule but she is gaining new followers daily.

Saki’s happy ending service


In her early twenties Saki is of average height with a nice skin tone. She has pretty big breasts for her frame and they are situated in a way that readily allows for paizuri which is the Japanese term for a tit wank. This is of course one of the many services Saki provides.

Depending on the service level customers pay for Saki also provides excellent hand job service as well as a level of oral service that would satisfy most guys. Saki does not provide uncovered oral services however she uses a unique kind of thin loose condom actually created for the exact situation.

Most notable about Saki is her customer oriented attitude. From beginning to end she is genuinely concerned with her customers feelings. She does a lot by feeling and experience but she isn’t afraid to ask what customers are looking for either. So she asks guys where they want to be massage and how hard or fast they want it although her English is far from perfect. She puts in a lot of effort and represents the kind of customer service that Japan is famous for even if she works in an industry that isn’t necessarily pushed as a part of the authentic local culture by tourist brochures.

As the 2020 Olympics approach more and more foreigners will pile into Japan. Tokyo will see the most foreigner visitors of any area in the land of the rising sun. I have no doubt that many visitors in the future will be looking for adult services. Those who find women like Saki or someone like her will in all likelihood enjoy themselves. Years ago they would be more likely to be unsatisfied as companies catering to foreigners simply didn’t exist in the way that they do now. Four-and-half stars.